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Winklevoss Twins Net Worth in 2022

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have amassed a total net worth of $2 billion by 2022, which they will share equally. Their wealth has come from several entrepreneurial pursuits, including Bitcoin trading and investing in Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. The two brothers also own Virgin Galactic spacecraft, which they bought in March 2014. Their Instagram accounts have no mention of dating, but the billionaire twins have been busy working on their businesses.

In addition to owning over 1% of the world’s Bitcoin, the Winklevoss Twins have invested in many other digital asset startups. Their latest acquisition is Gemini, which is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The company has invested in over 25 startups that specialize in digital assets. Block-Fi, a blockchain lender, and Artie, a game studio for crypto-assets, have also been acquired by the twins.

The twins’ wealth has increased dramatically over the last few years. They are now managing over 1% of Bitcoin in circulation. One Bitcoin was worth less than $8 in 2013, and now it is worth over $35,000. Additionally, they have invested in over 25 digital asset startups, such as Gemini, Nifty Gateway, and Block-Fi. Artie, a developer of blockchain video games, has also become a part of the group.