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Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth in 2022

Vanessa Bryant’s net worth is projected to be close to $600 million by the year 2022. This is a tremendous amount, and it comes as no surprise that she’s been able to accomplish so much. After all, she’s been married to a former NBA player, and her husband’s death leaves her with his estate. Her husband’s death means that she will inherit that fortune. However, Vanessa isn’t one to sit back and wait on her fortune to materialize. Rather, she is a woman who works hard, enjoys life, and is passionate about her profession.

Kobe Bryant’s ex-wife Vanessa Bryant is not active in social media, but she continues to post photos of her daughter with the star athlete. She’s not on Facebook or Twitter, but she’s not completely silent. In addition, she’s engaged to a former employee, which could be an interesting source of income. But there are some rumors that her net worth might be even lower than what it’s currently estimated to be.

Despite her lack of fame, Vanessa’s wealth is still growing. She has been married twice and has four daughters. Her net worth has increased dramatically in the last decade. Her networth is expected to reach $600 million in 2022. After Kobe retired from the NBA in 2016, Vanessa reconnected with him to start a family. Although Kobe was not happy with the situation, Vanessa was determined to make a son and raise him as a’mama’s boy. After her divorce from her ex-husband, she became a mother, and started a clothing line with her daughter Dannijo.