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Usain Bolts Net Worth in 2022

With the success of his career, Usain Bolt has amassed a massive net worth. His earnings are expected to hit $95 million by 2022. In 2017, he earned $34.2 million. He is currently a co-founder of the company Bolt Mobility and co-owns several vehicles. His vehicles include a Ferrari F430 Spider, a BMW M3, and a 2013 Nissan GT-R.

In addition to being an eight-time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt is also a fan of Reggae music and the Call of Duty video game series. In July 2018, he began working as a dancehall music producer. The speedster earns $20 million per year from endorsement deals and his on-track earnings range from $250 to $300,000. The number of endorsement deals and television appearances is likely to increase as he continues to make headlines.

As a part-time entrepreneur, Usain Bolt has an impressive portfolio of endorsement deals. He signed a $10 million deal with Puma as a teenager. The endorsement will continue to pay him $4 million per year until he retires. He also receives prize money from races, and appearance fees for events ranging from $100 to $400 thousand. In addition to these deals, Usain Bolt has also established his own brand, Champion Shave, in Miami.