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The Net Worth of Parker Schnabel in 2022

The net worth of Parker Schnabel in 2022 is estimated at $8 million. He has a great deal of experience in gold mining, having worked for his grandfather’s company during his high school years. Despite his impressive success, he is still not spending his money on fancy cars and homes. A news outlet claimed that he owns a $950,000 Alaskan mansion. However, Parker quickly denied the report.

The gold rush reality series Gold Rush earned Parker Schnabel some serious money. He reportedly spent his college funding on setting up his own mining operation. The show featured him mining ten thousand ounces of gold. Consequently, his future is very promising. His net worth is projected to increase by another $16 million by 2022. Unlike other reality shows, the gold rush shows have great ratings, boosting the net worth of its cast members.

The gold rush show is the source of Parker Schnabel’s wealth. The reality series is popular among viewers and his earnings are growing every season. The net worth of Parker Schnabel in 2022 is estimated to be $10 million. The mining show has made his net worth so high that his net worth may reach $11 million by 2022. But if we look at his income in the real world, his networth will probably be even higher.