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The Net Worth of Daniel Radcliffe in 2022

In 2006, the Net Worth of Daniel Radcliffe was about $15 million. In 2009, it reached $35 million. He has made this wealth primarily through acting. He is also known to help out poor people and does not live extravagantly. His parents are involved in the shooting. The actor was first involved in acting at a very young age. When he was ten, he was offered a role in Harry Potter. This role is still a part of his net worth and he hopes that this magic ward will work.

Daniel Radcliffes net worth in 2022

In 2011, he was cast as Harry Potter in the first movie in the Harry Potter series. He played the role for more than a decade and earned worldwide fame. Then, he appeared in the second film, ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’, which earned him a fee of $3 million. Even though this fee is nothing compared to his paychecks in the following films, it is still a substantial sum of money.

In addition to acting, Radcliffe has also made a fortune from other projects, including a TV drama film and other works. His first play, Equus, had been performed on Broadway in 1973 and sold over PS1.7 million. Since then, Radcliffe has starred in many other films including “December Boys” and “My Boy Jack.” He also starred in the TV drama “My Boy Jack”. He has also been a huge real estate investor, investing in properties as well as in many other businesses.