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Scotty Pippen Net Worth in 2022

In addition to his lucrative basketball career, Scotty Pippen has earned a sizable net worth through various endorsements. He also frequently makes the headlines due to his brush with basketball legend Michael Jordan. His current net value is estimated to be $2 million. If he continues to play as a professional basketball player, his fortune could grow significantly in the years to come. But what’s his real net-worth?

According to Forbes, Scotty Pippen’s net worth in 2022 will be in the neighborhood of $50 million. His net worth will continue to grow as his career continues. The retired basketball star earned $109 million during his NBA career. He earned a massive $67.2 million contract with the Houston Rockets before retiring. In addition to his NBA career, Scotty Pippen has been associated with numerous record-setting performances. His hefty salary has kept up with his rising popularity, and his wife Larsa Pippen owns a home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In addition to earning a large NBA salary, Pippen has accumulated an impressive wealth during his professional career. He has traded with a number of teams in the NBA and is the only player to win both an NBA championship and an Olympic gold medal. Since his career in basketball began, he has been rewarded with numerous endorsements and he has earned millions from many of these. His net worth in the next few years is likely to reach $60 million.