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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Net Worth in 2022

Sarah Jessica Parker’s career started at an early age, with her role in the Broadway musical Annie. She went on to star in various television shows and movies, and was nominated for seven Emmy Awards. After the success of her television show, Sarah started working in film, appearing in numerous movies and TV series. Most recently, she starred as the voice of a character in the Canadian-American animated film, ‘Escape From Planet Earth’. While her career has gone up and down, it is safe to say that she is in a great place and will continue to earn a significant sum over the next several decades.

Sarah Jessica Parkers net worth in 2022 will likely continue to rise, with her recent collaborations with Halston. She also has her own line of fragrances that have become successful. In 2010, her NYC perfume sold over one million bottles, bringing in $18 million in sales. In addition to acting in films, she has also had numerous television roles, including ‘Sellebity’, ‘Married and Cheating,’ and ‘Escape from Planet Earth’.

After making her Broadway debut in the 1983 drama ‘The Innocents’, Sarah Jessica Parker quickly rose to stardom. After appearing in a variety of other productions, she made her first television appearance, on a series called ‘Square Pegs.’ She continued to act in television shows, including ‘Mars Attacks!’ and ‘The First Wives Club.’ In addition to her career, Sarah Jessica Parker has a successful production company and has a number of other interests.