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Ronda Rousey Net Worth in 2022

The UFC superstar earned $ 3 million in 2017 from sponsorship deals, but her net worth is still unknown. She was recently confirmed as a leading actor in WWE 2K19. She also appeared in commercials for Metro PCs phone and Insureon Protector. She also endorsed the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. Today, the fighter lives in Venice, California, with her husband and three children. Her vehicles include an Audi Q7 ($54,875), a BMW X6 ($62,950) and a Corvette (which ranges from $79,000 to $88,000).

As of October 2016, the MMA star is expected to have an estimated net worth of $15 million by 2022. Most of her income comes from fighting, but she also earns money from acting. She has signed endorsement deals with Monster headphones, Metro PCS, Reebok, and Monster headphones. Moreover, she supports charities for mental health and hunger. She is the co-founder of FreeRice, a non-profit organization that donates rice to the poor in developing countries.

In addition to her fighting career, the UFC star also has a YouTube channel, which has more than a million subscribers. This allows her to earn money from YouTube views. She also owns a fleet of cars, including a Chevrolet Suburban worth $52,500, a Mazda 3 that costs $23,000, and an Audi Q7 that costs over $60,000. She lives in an opulent Venice villa and has an income of $15 million.