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Peyton Manning’s Net Worth in 2022

The average player in the NFL will make around $18 million over the course of their career. Peyton Manning has become one of the most successful and lucrative athletes in history. His endorsement deals with major brands and television commercials have earned him over $25 million in a year. He also owns twenty-one Papa John’s pizza franchises in Colorado. In 2007, he was the highest paid high school athlete, with over 50 colleges trying to sign him.

In addition to winning the Super Bowl, Peyton has won numerous awards and is inducted into the Tennessee Athletics Hall of Fame. In 2016, he was named the world’s favorite male athlete and received the Kids Choice Awards. In 2016, he received the ESPY Icon Award. He has appeared in numerous commercials for major brands and is expected to earn another $25 million per year through endorsements. He has also landed several jobs on television, including hosting Saturday Night Live.

As a quarterback, Peyton Manning has earned money through football. In 2001, he made $11 million in a signing bonus when he joined the Colts. His contract with the Colts was valued at $48 million. He also earned a signing bonus of $26m when he re-signed with the team. He earned over $40 million in his last contract with the Broncos, and he also earned over $30 million through endorsements.