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Mike Pence’s Net Worth in 2022

As of the beginning of the year, we know that Mike Pence is a Christian. This is no surprise considering his religious beliefs have shaped his political career. He has three children, Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey, whom he married in 1992. Despite his lack of business experience, Pence has several investments that could boost his net worth. He also has stock in Keil Bros. Oil Co., a gas station and convenience store chain that he has ruled since 1991.

During his first presidential campaign, Mike Pence disclosed that he was an investor in Kiel Bros, a small Indiana-based business. In 2006, the business went under, and Pence lost over $600,000. Fortunately, he still had a few thousand dollars saved up. He served in the federal government for five years, and was eligible for a federal pension. While many politicians are lining up to run for president in 2020, this could be a lucrative move for Pence’s financial situation.

In terms of income, Pence earns between $800,000 and $1 million a year, depending on the type of investment. His pension plan is valued at between 500,001 and $1 million. He also has two retirement accounts worth up to $30,000. However, Pence has also taken out student loans, which could increase his net wealth. His debts total anywhere from $95,000 to $280,000. He was born in Columbus, Indiana, and attended Hanover College. He graduated from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of law in 1984 and practiced law for several years. His wife Karen, a sociologist, later became a committee member for the Marion County board of elections.