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Michael Oher’s Net Worth in 2022

According to the Forbes, Michael Oher’s net worth is expected to reach $20 million by 2022. Since he began playing for the NFL, Oher has racked up several multi-million dollar contracts. His contract with the Baltimore Ravens in 2009 was worth $13.8 million, followed by a $13.8 million deal with the Tennessee Titans in 2014. His latest contract is with the Carolina Panthers and is valued at $21.6 billion with a $9.5 million guarantee.

Although Michael Oher’s family moved a lot, they finally settled down in Forest Hills, New York. The Tuohy family took him in and provided him with a great new life. He went on to graduate from a renowned school and found a love for football. His talent was recognized when he was drafted to the NFL, and he put in a lot of work to make it in the National Football League.

Oher made his NFL debut in 2009, and he was drafted by the Ravens as their first-round pick. The Ravens signed him to a five-year deal worth $13.8 million. He won his first Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2013, and then he signed a four-year contract with the Titans in 2015. That deal was worth $20 million. In 2015, he was dropped by the Panthers and signed a two-year deal with the Tennessee Titans. In 2017, the Tennessee Titans released Oher from his contract.