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Martha Stewart’s Net Worth in 2022

Countless publications, television shows, and films have made Martha Stewart a household name. She married billionaire Charles Simonyi in 1991 and went on to marry billionaire Andrew Stewart. The couple had two children together, Alexis and William. Their marriage lasted for almost 20 years. Their divorce was announced in 2010, and Martha Stewart remained single. Her net worth in March 2022 is estimated to be more than $800 million.

The Martha Stewarts net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $410 million. She became a billionaire after selling her company for $350 million in 1999. She spent five months in prison for tax fraud in 2004, but her company was sold to Sequential Brands Group for $175 million. The value of her real estate portfolio is projected to continue growing as her company becomes a more successful business. Currently, she is working on building her net-worth in the coming years.

In 2000, Forbes estimated Martha Stewarts net worth at $1 billion. Following an insider trading arrest, the stock value of her company plummeted. The company’s stock value dropped to just $162 million by October 2002. In January 2006, the company was valued at $330 million. In total, the Martha is estimated to be worth more than $400 million. This is based on her latest earnings. This figure is expected to continue to rise as she expands her business.