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Martell Holt Net Worth in 2022

Martell Holt has been involved in the real estate business for many years. After graduating from the National School of Real Estate in 2006, he began teaching at Sparkman Middle School. However, he left the position to pursue a career in real estate. In 2009, he launched a company called Holt & Co. Entrepreneurship LLC. He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. His net worth is estimated to be twenty million dollars by the year 2022.

The couple married in 2007 and have four children. Their wealth is based on their television show, Holt & Co., as well as their businesses. They also have a home in Georgia and invest in various businesses. Their children are estimated to be worth another $10 million. In the year 2022, they plan to retire and move to a smaller house. The new house will be more affordable than the old one, so the family will have extra money to purchase a bigger one.

Martell Holt and Melody Holt married in 2007. They started dating in 2007, and they eventually divorced in 2011. The couple split up a year later. It was difficult for the couple to reconcile their differences, but they reached an agreement to share physical custody of their four children. They also agreed to resolve the joint businesses without exchanging child support. Since then, Martell Holt has been living a single life with his children.