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MacKenzie Scott’s Net Worth in 2022

MacKenzie Scotts net worth in 2022 is predicted to be US$62.2 billion. The novelist and philanthropist is famous for her involvement in Amazon. She was married to Jeff Bezos, and has a 4% stake in Amazon. If her current investments continue to grow, her net wealth in the next decade should be US$7.9 billion. Read on to learn more about her networth and future plans.

The American novelist and philanthropist is said to have a net worth of $59 billion. She was once married to Jeff Bezos, who was also a successful investor. Their relationship began when Bezos had an idea to start an online bookstore, and it was Scott who was the first employee. While the Bezos family was in a divorce, MacKenzie focused on raising their three children.

The story of MacKenzie’s rise from humble beginnings isn’t a happy one. Her father, a banker, filed for bankruptcy while she was in junior high school. The two then moved to Florida, where she could pursue a more lucrative career in finance. The family’s circumstances changed dramatically, and her father filed for bankruptcy. At age 12, the Scotts moved to Florida, where she finished her education at the Hotchkiss School. Then, she attended Princeton University, where she met her literary mentor, Toni Morrison. After graduation, she moved to New York.