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Macauley Culkins Net Worth in 2022

According to some reports, Macauley Culkins is expected to have a net worth of $80 million in 2022. The actor and producer started his career at an early age, and he is currently engaged to actress Mila Kunis. His first marriage ended in divorce in 2002, and he has been dating Changeland co-star Brenda Song since 2017. His real estate holdings include apartments in New York City and Paris.

Although Macauley Culkin did not make royalties from Home Alone, he still continues to act occasionally, and he makes a good living off of his popularity. Some of his most recent projects include the television series ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and the film ‘Red Tide’, which is directed by Seth Green. In addition to acting, the actor has been involved in modeling and hosting a podcast.

Since his debut in the entertainment industry, Macaulay Culkin has devoted much of his time to creating and marketing Internet content. His company Bunny Ears deals with cynical satire. He has appeared in many Red Letter Media films, and his popularity as an internet media personality has contributed to his net worth. His Bunny Ears brand has also added to his net wealth.