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Lori Greiner’s Net Worth in 2022

Lori Greiner is the CEO of For Your Ease Only and is expected to have a net worth of about $4 million in 2022. She is married to Dan Greiner and they have two children. They met in high school and graduated together. In addition to running their own business, they are both active in the community, making donations to charities and raising money for various causes. Their net worth is estimated to rise in line with their success.

Lori Greiners net worth in 2023 is projected to grow to $150 million, thanks to her entrepreneurial activities. She invested $350,000 in Squatty Potty, which went on to become a US$164 million company. She also invested in clothing companies RuffleButts and Ruggedbutts. She later invested another $600,000 in Bantam Bagels, which was later acquired by T. Marzetti Company. Her investment portfolio is impressive, with over eighty goods invented and 120 domestic patents.

The For Your Ease Only brand, which was founded by Lori Greiner, is one of the most successful products in the world, with over $350 million in sales. In 2012, Greiner made her Shark Tank debut, alongside Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec. The investment brought in $65 million in sales and was successfully exited in 2014. In addition, Greiner invested in Bantam Bagels, Readerest, FiberFix, and Hold Your Haunches, all of which were sold in 2014.