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Johnny Depp’s Net Worth in 2022

Depending on the number of movies Depp is starring in, he could have a net worth of $150 million by 2022. That would still be significantly lower than his close friend Tom Cruise’s current net worth of $600 million. However, fans have been campaigning for a long time to see Depp win an Academy Award for Fan Favorite film. Regardless of the controversy surrounding his latest movie, he is likely to continue earning millions of dollars from his acting career.

Johnny Depps net worth in 2022

According to Forbes, Depp will have a net worth of $13 billion by 2022. He has spent nearly $3.6 million a year on a 40-person staff and he spends almost $250,000 on bodyguards and wine per month. His expenses are largely related to his lifestyle. He also has an estimated $75 million worth of properties around the world. He owns a yacht, 45 cars, and 12 memorabilia storage facilities, as well as a private island.

The Depp family moved to the suburbs of Miami in the 1970s. They lived in a motel for nearly a year. This may have contributed to Johnny’s early drug use. He has claimed to have tried every drug known to man by age 14. His wife Amber Heard, who has been married to actor Tom Hardy since 2007, is also a part of his family. The Depps are very well off financially, with several million dollars in investments.