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Joe Exotics Net Worth in 2022

The controversial zoo owner from Oklahoma is expected to have a net worth of about $1.0 million by 2022. In January, he was sentenced to 22 years in jail for helping his brother kill a tiger. After pleading guilty to murder-for-hire, Joe was found with five dead tigers in his backyard. However, his appeals to President Donald Trump have failed and he is back in jail. While his real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, his net-worth in the year 2022 is estimated to be a whopping -10 million.

The flamboyant tiger breeder has been convicted of several animal abuse and murder for hire cases. After being found guilty of a series of felony charges in January of 2020, Joe was sent to prison for 22 years. The resulting publicity from the Netflix documentary would be too little for him. He had already filed for bankruptcy and he had no way of making money from his zoo. The tiger park was eventually sold to an animal park and he would have to pay a massive fine.

There are many sources of income for Joe Exotics, but there is no one source of income that is entirely legal. The tiger park is the biggest source of income for him, but his other sources of income include a TV show and a book. Sadly, his career curve has slowed down. Despite this, his net worth is projected to be below $1 million in 2022, but he is already a convicted felon with a lengthy jail term for violating the Lacey Act.