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Ice T’s Net Worth in 2022

According to Forbes, Ice T’s net worth in 2022 will be more than $80 million. During his early career, he was known for his rap and hip-hop songs, but that didn’t stop him from going out and acting. He was known for his roles in movies like Breakin’ 2 and also in TV shows like Surviving the Game. He even hosted his own crime documentary In Ice Cold Blood.

His career has led to an impressive net worth of $60 million. His earnings from acting, music, and movies will be steady, and he is expected to earn at least that much in the next few years. His salary is estimated to be $15 million a month, and his income is slated to be around $300 million a year. He also receives between seventy to eighty lakh rupees in endorsement deals from brands.

The rapper and actor has been successful in the hip-hop industry for more than three decades. His influence in heavy metal is evident in his collaborations with the legendary California thrash metal group Slayer, and he also guest-starred on the Black Sabbath track Forbidden. While his music career has been highly successful, Ice T has branched out into the world of heavy metal as well. He co-founded the heavy metal group Body Count, and introduced the band in his 1996 album O.G.