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How Much is Patrick Mahomes Worth in 2022?

How Much is Patrick Mahomes Worth in 2022?: If you are interested in how much Patrick Mahomes is worth right now, you need to consider his endorsement deals.

His first endorsement deal was with Nike and was for $2.5 million, but he later signed a multi-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs that are expected to be worth up to $50 million.

He has also partnered with NBA star Kevin Durant to invest in a tech unicorn called Whoop, and he’s also signed other endorsements.

Aside from being a great NFL quarterback, Patrick Mahomes also has multiple non-football money-earning operations.

He has contracts with brands like Nike, Adidas, Oakley, State Farm, EA Sports, Hunts, Head and Shoulders, Proctor & Gamble, Airshare, and more.

He is also a successful entrepreneur, and his name is known the world over.

According to his recent contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes is likely to earn around $40 million by the time he retires. The Chiefs have also estimated that his endorsement earnings will be around $7 million.

This will mean that he will earn at least $45 million a year by 2022. In other words, if you have been watching him play for 10 years, his net worth will increase dramatically.

With his new contract, Patrick Mahomes’s net worth is likely to be up to $503 million.

If you’re wondering how much Patrick Mahomes will make in 2022, this article can help you. It’s easy to estimate the future value of a superstar, so start looking for potential sources of income now.

You’ll find a huge increase in your budget when you sign a new contract.

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