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George Soros’ Net Worth in 2022

The Hungarian-born American billionaire investor and philanthropist, George Soros, is worth $8.6 billion, according to Forbes. Since the foundations were established in 1993, he has donated more than $32bn to charities. These organizations have in turn given out $15bn. That is 66 percent of his original fortune. But how will his networth change? What will happen when he’s no longer working?

Soros has made a lot of money through his charitable work. He is a Hungarian-born American and a billionaire. He has donated more than $32 billion to various causes. As of 2018, his foundations have given away $15 billion. This represents 64% of his original fortune. The Forbes magazine titled him one of the world’s most generous givers. In addition to his charitable work, Soros has also established several other companies.

Soros’s investment in Nuance Communications is estimated to be $158 million. The company specializes in natural language processing and voice recognition technology. He invested in the company in the second quarter of 2021. During the third quarter, he increased his stake by 111%. A year later, he added another 2697 shares. The stock is now valued at $280 million. Soros’ investments in Nuance have performed well in recent years.