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Dana White’s Net Worth in 2022

The net worth of Dana White is estimated at $650 million in 2022. He is currently the president of the UFC and takes 9% of the company’s profit, according to Forbes. Since joining the UFC in 2001, he has earned a salary of over $142 million. He has eleven luxury cars worth more than $3 million each and owns four houses. His car collection includes Porsche, Mercedes, Range Rover, and more.

Dana Whites net worth in 2022

Dana White is an American businessman who founded the UFC. In 2016, he sold the organization to Endeavor for $4.025 billion. In 2001, he purchased it for $2 million and has since increased the value by over 100 times. He is currently 52 years old and has a net worth of $550 million. As a businessman, he has a number of businesses that generate revenue in the millions of dollars each year.

White also has a stake in the UFC. His stake is currently valued at $24 million. While he remains the foul mouthed face of the organization, he will have the opportunity to earn more through stock sales. He recently launched the company’s IPO, which started at $24 per share. The price of the shares is expected to continue to rise and is expected to surpass $16 million in 2022.

The UFC’s IPO earlier this month will allow Dana White to make even more money. The company’s IPO will allow him to get a larger stake in the company. If the IPO is successful, his net worth will grow to an estimated $26 million by 2022. So, what is Dana White’s net worth in 2022? The UFC is one of the biggest sports brands in the world and its earnings will continue to increase in the years to come.

After becoming the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he will earn an estimated $360 million in 2022. Despite his multi-billion dollar business, White has also invested in real estate, sports, and other investments. While his net worth in the UFC has grown over the years, it remains largely stagnant. If you are considering investing in this sportsman, consider putting your money in the hands of his family.

Growing up, Dana White has remained active in sports. He was a fan of the Boston Red Sox since his early days. While he didn’t finish college, he continued his education by working as a bouncer and a boxercise instructor. His company, Dana Enterprises, was founded in 1992 and is now worth $500 million. A lot of this money comes from his many different ventures, which are in the sports world.