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AOC’s Net Worth in 2022

As a young woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s net worth is not high compared to that of the average member of Congress. However, she is slated to become a millionaire by the time she turns 40. She is also known to hate the rich and creme de la creme. This will help increase her net wealth in the coming years. But, it is not entirely clear if this will benefit her in the long run.

According to sources, AOC will earn $174000 by 2022 if she continues to push for progressive policies. In fact, she may have a net worth of at least $274,000. In the meantime, she’ll be spending just a little over four grand a month. That means her total income will be around $174000 by the time she retires. If she keeps up this pace, her networth will be around $20 million by the time she is done with her current job.

Taking into account the costs of her new position, AOC’s net worth in 2022 might be around $174,000. At the time of this writing, she’s living in a modest $2700/month apartment and spending no more than four thousand dollars per month. The average American saves just six percent of their income every year. But despite the fact that she’s a new congresswoman, AOC hasn’t earned her millionaire status yet, and her background isn’t exactly glitz and glamour.