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Anne Hathaway’s Net Worth in 2022

After several years of steady work in the film industry, Anne Hathaway returned to the big screen for “Rachel Getting Married” in 2014. She later went on to star in the moderately successful “The Intern” in 2015. During this period, Hathaway remained largely under the radar until joining the all-female cast of “Ocean’s 8” in 2018. Despite the sluggish start to her acting career, she’s still working and has numerous roles coming up.

The award-winning actress has had a highly successful career since her early teens. She has been praised for her roles in a range of movies, from “Valentine’s Day” to “Alice in Wonderland.” Her most recent movie, “Ocean’s 8,” grossed over $297 million worldwide. In addition to acting in big-budget films, Hathaway has been featured in several TV shows, including the critically acclaimed comedy series, Gotham City Confidential.

She has a large portfolio of assets and has been a part of many high-profile projects. Some of her more notable movies include “Valentine’s Day,” which made $215 million globally, “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Interstellar.” Those films are all expected to help her net worth soar in the next few years. Her current investments are estimated to be around $40 million.