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Alex Cooper’s Net Worth in 2022

Alexandra Cooper has a net worth of $300 million. She’s known for her podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” and her social media following of over a million people. Her networth is growing steadily, and she is planning to spend more time creating content than ever before. In addition to her work, she is dating Matt Kaplan, a popular YouTube personality and Mr Sexy Zoom Man. The two met on the same night during one of their Zoom sessions and have been dating for the past year.

In addition to her social media following, Cooper’s income from the podcast is increasing. She has 1.3 million Instagram followers and 510,000 Twitter followers. Her popularity is growing, and she’s signed a three-year deal with streaming service Spotify worth $60 million. She also has a contract with Barstool, which pays her $75,000 per year. Despite her popularity, Cooper is still in her early twenties, but her networth is estimated to double by 2022.

As a well-known YouTuber, Alex Cooper is a popular social media personality. She has over 2.3 million Instagram followers, 513,000 Twitter followers, and 308,000 YouTube subscribers. Her net worth is expected to rise as her popularity increases. As of March 2022, Cooper is estimated to have a net value of $15 million. Her podcast “Call Her Daddy” has made her a major income source for the past three years. Her income from sponsorships will only increase.